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Saturday, March 14, 2009

10 Adsense Tips And Tricks moment of death

Google AdSense quickly become the preferred way for many people earn money online. Forget ebay and other affiliate programs. Although you are a mother who worked at home to generate a little money just to buy milk for children, or an Internet entrepreneur with hundreds of monetized websites, AdSense is truly the easiest way to get money.

Register (create account) easily for free, ad copy code paste ago on your website. But things have extraordinary, no matter how much Adsense commission to give you at this time, a little polesan can increase revenue significantly. And after practicing this trick, I can get more input from the 2 times that I get before!

The Adsense expert and professor have shared knowledge that is only known by few people, and now I share to you (the Cuma-Cuma also. You can learn this secret with the purchase of their e-book they sell. But I will share to you with the free ... ... tis tiss .... This is the moment of death that I mean:

1) Adjust the color code to the website pallete exactly (exactly). Do not use frames around the Google ads. At the time of making color adjustments on the "AdSense code generation interface, make sure you choose the frame color and background color that matches the background color of your website.

When choosing color ad heading, appropriately adjust the color with the color page headings. Use color ad background color match the background website. Use color text ad on Google match the color of text on the website. You can see an example of the exact same color on the search engine advice blog - Note 4 link ad unit and skyscraper text ad unit on the left side under the headings Ads by Google at the time you scroll down the page. Text and link colors match the color palette on the left of the page.

Similar is not enough! If you can not find a color that is completely the same, use the color pallete on Google's RGB to Hex color or use a converter on this page. This little tool really useful for me.

Perhaps this is the only one who has made polesan my income is very much different.

2) Try not to use the "traditional horizontal banner style or leaderboard image ads" because of the attention will be separated from the people.

3) Gunalkan AdSense optimization tips of Google and the "visual heat map" to help determine where there is the right place to put Adsense ad code in your pages.

4) Find competitive keywords using keyword research tools like Keyword Discovery or grab a list of the most popular keywords from various sources and use your website in the appropriate theme. This article is good enough to get the frequently searched keywords. Targeting popular keywords will be fishing AdSense ads in your web using these keywords. The more popular keyword or phrase, the higher the AdWords Advertisers want to pay the "pay-per-click" to it so that you receive commissions from the clicks generated by the ads will also be greater.

5) Combining Adsense code to your page so that the ads look like a normal part of the website. You can see examples on the web following entitled Internet Dating Stories site where link ads are combined with the normal navigation on the left side of the page, under the heading "Sponsored Links".

6) Use the 4 and 5 link ad units if possible. It seems link ad donate Click Through Rate (CTR) is higher than the other. You can see the AdSense ad formats here.

7) Place the image in ads to attract close attention. You can see an example on the search engine article library page at the bottom, where 3 to attract your attention to the bottom of the page. But be careful in this case - the use of arrows or symbols encouraging visitors to click is not allowed by google and the publisher can not provide a label on the google ads with text other than "sponsored links" or "advertisements."

8) Use the maximum number of AdSense ads on every page - 3 regular AdSense ads, plus 1 link unit. Be careful in placing ads, so this truly integrates with the website and do not disrupt the contents of. Example use of the maximum number of ads can be viewed here page about bad Internet dating stories where you can see:

- 1 horizontal 4 link ad unit on the top of the page, under the first paragraph.
- 1 vertical skyscraper text ad unit is located almost in the middle down the left with the title "Sponsored Links"
- 1 vertical skyscraper image ad unit down in the left with the title "Sponsored Links"
- 1 horizontal text banner units on the bottom of the page with images above each ad.

You can also include 1 AdSense referral button beside the 3 ad units that have been there.

9) Adjust the content of the website so that lingkupnya and accurate focus. Customize the content of a page that has been customized with a more specific theme for a fishing Adwords theme most appropriate to the content so that libih can attract visitors and directing them to click. Do not create pages just to place ads. Visitors and search engines can see through this trick quickly.

10) Use custom Ad Channels for each ad placement, for example, "Top 5 Link Unit Blue Palette" or "Left Side Navigation Image Skyscraper" etc.. Customize, measure success lscsk DSN on each custom channels so you know which generate the highest CTR. Some ad formats and colors will work out better than the others, but you will not know until you test, test and test! What are you waiting for?
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