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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 ways to get BackLinks for your Website

Today website building is the new source of online revenue. For your website to be a successful e-business your website should have good content and be appealing to the users. However, for your website to get traffic the most important thing is the amount of backlinks your website has.

Backlinks are links for your website found on other websites. Even Search engines consider the no. of backlinks on a website as an indicator of the popularity of the website.

So how to acquire back links for your website?
Here are some ways for your website to get some exposure through Backlinks.

  1. Initially as your investment would be low, you could register sites with free directories take care they are SEO friendly like www.directorymaximizer.com or www.directory.askbee.net. There are paid directories too for this purpose where you could register your sites like yahoo, alive.com etc.
  2. You could post your website links in forums having content related to your website. Some forums do not allow posting of links, here you could register yourself and post your link in the signature area.
  3. You could submit articles related to contents of your websites and give your link in the article itself. It is a good way for getting back links for your website.
  4. Yahoo Answers can give you a great window for posting your links. You can answer questions at Yahoo answers and for further reference give the address of your site.
  5. Get in touch with webmaster of a popular site and ask him for a link to your website. There may be some charges involved.
  6. Some blog sites have features like “leave a comment” or “Add Comment”, go to such blog sites related to your website’s content and leaving a link for your website can add traffic for your website.
  7. If possible, make a freeware game, utility software or a face book application with your website link and put it on the internet.
  8. Start a thread on a popular forum related to your website content and add your link on the thread.
  9. Make some good website or blog site template or theme (Wordpress, Blogger etc.) With your website name at the footer, publish it on the internet free.
  10. The last thing you could do is to buy traffic for your website. Many websites like pay-per-post offer you such services, which can increase traffic to your website.
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