Kaos Bola

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adsense Tips - Trick : Using Blogrush to Turbocharge your blog traffic

All of us bloggers are always running after ideas and new tips to get more traffic to our blogs. This traffic is the prime reason why we bust our backs day in and day out writing new posts everyday so that someone somewhere reads it and appreciates it. The more people read it and appreciate it we all get a kick out of it (at least I do). That this leads to a small profit to us is a small matter...

Everyday I scan the net for new ways and means to get this elusive traffic and everyday I am looking for more. Internet Marketing Guru John Reese has come up with an excellent tool just what I have been looking for all this time. Its called BlogRush, and what it basically does is that when you add this small blogrush widget on your blog, you will get to see a list of posts posted on the blogs by other blogrush users. The system works on the principal of reciprocality. If you give a page-view of 100 to the blogrush widget, then your blog post title will be visible on the same widget in 100 other blogrush user pages.

This gives an enormous visibility to your blog as well as you benefit from the affiliate program of the system. This widget shows the first 40 characters of your post titles, therefore writing good titles within 40 characters is of the essence if you want good traffic from the Blogrush network.
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