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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tips and Trick Adsense : How to Increase Your Adsense CTR x20 in 3 Minutes

I have a couple of blogs and experimenting with google adsense. I'm in for only a couple of months, so i actually thought the main thing i need is great traffic.

Things changed when one of my posts (not from this blog) went to reddit top 5. it then appeared at fark and delicious tops also. i had something like 60000 visitors in two days, and earned... well, a dollar or so.

that's the moment i started thiniking about optimizing my pages for adsense.

I already had ads with no borders, and colors were matching my template. i searched web for some answers, and did a couple of things. after that, my CTR increased about 20 times. unfortunately, at that moment traffic was quite low, but i still have some everyday income that is about 20 times higher. here are the simple steps:

1. Instead of 468x15 Link Unit i put 300x250 Rectangle at the top of my page under it's header.
2. I made links blue. Yes, people simply expect free links to be blue.
3. I made ads urls color match text color.

As simple as that! If i did that before, i could get about 150$ in 2 days. So make the changes right now!. If you experience your CTR increase after doing this (belive me, you will!), let me know. Perhaps, next success story will be about you!
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