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Monday, July 6, 2009

Adsense Extreme : How to Maximize Revenue With Adsense Tips and Tricks

Optimizing Adsense for a website or blog with these tips and tricks will allow you to make money online. The goal here is to focus on increasing your CTR (get more clicks) which will lead to more income!

  • 01.These tips and tricks for Adsense will also focus on boosting the number of clicks and making more money online. First let's focus on the basic Adsense strategies that you have probably seen before. They are still important so we will briefly review them before getting to the better tricks.

  • 02.Make sure that the text font used by your Adsense units is the same font used on your site. If you use multiple fonts on your site, then make the Adsense font match the most commonly used body/article text from the site. As far as colors go, use the same Adsense background color as the background on your site. Unless you have a very good reason for doing otherwise, use the following colors for the remainder of your ads:
  • Border: White (FFFFFF)
  • Title: Blue (0066CC...people are used to blue links)
  • Text/URL: Black (000000)

  • 03.Stick to "text only" Adsense ads. Link units and image/graphic ads make work on some sites, but generally speaking the text ads work the best for most sites in my experience. A useful trick is to experiment with the number of ads you use in a given location. For example, experiment between the standard 120x600 skyscraper ad and the wide 160x600 skyscaper ad. The wide skyscraper offers more ads, which while offering more variety which may entice your readers, also puts some lower payout ads on your page. Generally, the fewer ads on a page the higher paying they are. This is where experimentation is key to making money online.

  • 04.It's important to strike a balance between adding useful links to your page and trying to get visitors to click Adsense ads. Adding links to useful pages and resources may add value to your page and potentially may draw more visitors to your website. On the other hand, instead of clicking an Adsense or affiliate advertisement, they may click the Wikipedia link you included. The more external links you add, the less likely a given visitor will be to click your ad. This is very important tip for those who are adding links to their sites as part of link exchanges (3-way or otherwise). If you allow commenting on your site, be careful how often you allow users to link to their site with a comment.

  • 05.Similarly, there is also a compromise that needs to be made about providing useful content and leaving your visitors looking for more information. On a site about repairing credit card scores, if you answer every conceivable question a visitor may have, they may very well close their browser after reading because they found everything they need. On the other hand, if you provide them with some information while leaving certain important questions unanswered, they are more likely to click an ad to seek out that information. If you truly want to provide as much information as possible then by all means do so, but if you are are in it to make money online with ads and affiliate programs, you need to reach this compromise.
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