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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adsense Extreme Top List High Paying Keywords Google Adsense

Adsense Extreme With some keyword from high paying keyword that i listed i can earn money much more. My google adsense's earning start growth up than before. But not from this blog. I created another blog, i choose some of keyword from high paying keywords and try writing article with the same topic as that keywords, also including that keywords on my article.

Great, it's really work. You can see my google adsense earning schreenshoot in left. In last week i got click with incredible price. 1 click ads = $ 3,23 with CTR = $ 201.88. You can imagine if that day it's happened with 100 click? (100 x 3,23 = $ 323 dollar /day) WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!.....

This is just my experience with high paying keywords. Maybe it's can happens with another publisher too or maybe can't. Nothing wrong with trial and error, just try try try and learn learn learn. Like me, untill now i am still learning from the other succeded publisher.

But don't ever miss with the SEO technic because high paying keywords without SEO is the same as bullshit :p. Ok, here is the last of high paying keyword for Google Adsense.

High Paying Keywords Bid Amount

dui lawyer newport beach $87.88
studen loan consolidation $78.18
dui lawyer torrance $76.60
student loan consolidation rebate $76.15

san diego lemon law attorney $74.39
los angeles criminal defense attorneys $71.27
dwi austin $66.89
san diego drunk driving lawyers $66.20
donating umbilical cord blood $64.52
consolidation interest loan low student $64.21
best term life insurance rates $62.39
denver dui attorney $62.17
dwi austin texas $61.00
student loan conslidation $60.72
los angeles drunk driving lawyer $60.68
college student loan consolidation $60.55
dui lawyer seattle $60.29
seattle dui lawyer $60.29
san diego criminal defense attorney $60.20
school loans consolidation $60.02
sell structured settlement $59.82
federal stafford loan consolidation $59.61
structured settlements $59.44
california dui lawyers $59.41
student loans consolidation $59.03
federal student consolidation loan $58.58
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san bernardino dui attorney $58.16
auto quotes $58.09
education loan consolidation $58.05
irs tax attorneys $57.53
acs student loan consolidation $57.34
student loan consolidation programs $57.14
tax debt relief $57.03
student loan debt consolidation $57.03
student consolidation loan $56.91
conference call services $56.68
universal life insurance quote $55.46
florida auto insurance quotes $54.75
term life insurance quote $54.61
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