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Friday, July 24, 2009

Adsense Tips Extreme : Purchasing new Adsense ready site ? Read on..

Purchasing an Adsense ready website is a good idea, especially if you don't know much about web development, but there are a few things to take care of. There are basically two types of Adsense ready websites – the duplicate content websites which get sold over and over and custom-made, original Adsense ready websites. Let's have a look at both of them:

RecycledGoogle Adsense ready website – let's call them recycled because they get used over and over and over… You can purchase 10, 50 or 150 websites, each with hundreds of pages, for less than $100! Of course, these websites get sold, in their exact same form, to hundreds or thousands of other people. However, what you lose in search engine rankings you make up in structure and content quality. And with a few dozen Google Adsense ready websites like these, you only need to handle some high quality link exchanges, or get visitors on your sites through the other program offered by Google to advertisers – Adwords.
>CPC is Cost Per Click. Different words have different costs. Some can be about $0,01, some are over $10.
Unique content Adsense ready websites are the other option. You will most likely pay a few hundred dollars for a unique website with 15-25 pages of original content. Instead of a hundred duplicate content websites you will have just one original website. It's hard to say which option will allow you to earn more from your online business, but it's clear that your unique content website will outrank duplicate content in the search engines. An original Adsense ready website offers a more stable income level, and you can grow it into a top ranking site in time. Your online earning will depend on numerous factors, but one thing is for sure – the search engines will love your site for bringing new content to the Internet and will reward you by ranking it higher. Here are some tips on generating fresh content for your website: 1. How to get good Adsense content?

You can either write your own content or pay someone else to write it. If your Adsense content is on a topic you like, try to write it yourself. If you have a website on rocket engineering and you are a philosophy major, maybe you'll want to get a copywriter or ghostwriter to do the writing, for a fee.

2. How long should the Adsense content be for one web page? There are no limits as far as length is concerned. Create an article or content that covers the chosen topic. Most web masters using Google Adsense prefer to have a minimum of 250 words for each new page. Others claim that Google favors web pages with over 1,000 words of unique content. The general rule, however, is that if the visitors like your Google Adsense content, so do the search engines.

3. What keyword density should I use to rank high on Google? Again, there are no strict rules. Successful publishers use the main web page keyword at least four or five times. The web page title should also include the keyword. High quality Google Adsense content doesn't look like a string of keywords – it manages to blend in the keyword nicely, so that human visitors read a relevant and well planned text.

4. How many pages should my Adsense ready website have? The more unique content you have, the better your site will rank. Unique Google Adsense content, however, is hard to obtain at “industrial levels”.

5. How much does it cost to get original content for my Adsense website? A good copywriter might charge $15 for a 400-word article. You can also use different outsourcing companies and freelancing sites to look for cheaper alternatives. Outsourcing your writing job might save you 50% of the costs. However, make sure the quality of the Adsense content you purchase is high.

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