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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Customizing Google Adsense Text Ads Font Face

Google Adsense has just added a new feature that let you change the font face of the text in ad units on pages. This feature however, is only available to pages in Latin-character languages (including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and many others ). If your page appears in a language other than those shown above, ad units on that page will not display custom fonts. Right now, you can only choose between Arial, Times, and Verdana font faces.

How to customize Google Adsense fonts

There are two ways to customize the font face of your ad units: across your entire account for all AdSense for content units, or for individual ad units.
All ad units

To set a custom font as the default for all your AdSense for content units, visit the Ad Display Preferences page. This will affect all units you’ve created in the past, regardless of whether you used the Manage Ads feature. By default, your ads are currently set to ‘Standard AdSense font family’, which were proven to have performed well across browsers and displays.
Individual ad units

To set custom fonts for individual ad units, select between the default ‘Standard AdSense font family’, your new account-wide font face (if you’ve selected one), or another font face when creating new ad units or updating the appearance of existing ones

This feature opens up opportunities for new optimization testing. Just like altering colors and positions, changing an Ads text may give you a slight increase in your CTR. Test, test, test and test!

Do you want to change your text ads font face and which fonts do you prefer?

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