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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TOP Learning to Write Posts in English

Several tips on how to write posts and articles in English for blogging have come to me and it's time to make it. English is not our mother language therefore there will another difficulty in writing posts or articles for blogging beside the difficulty on how to express the idea inside into written material its self. However it must be tried. some linguists say, in term on how to make English in daily medium of interaction, that English is not science but English is custom. Of course there must be scientific elements in English which must be learned hard such as grammar and structure including sentence patterns and spelling which often make us mad. But after acquire such knowledge then the most important thing is how to apply them.
For such above reason then, in my opinion, it's time to try to make posts for this blog in English. Later in the way of make it, if it will be found a code switching, from English to Indonesia or Javanese, it will be possible. This desire is still in the middle of the way. Everything can be changed.
Furthermore, there will be the other advantages if I try to make post or articles in English regarding that a blog is a global medium for the new way of communication. The following passages are shown in what advantages I potentially get when I make posts or article in English in blogging:

1. Catching a Wider Audience
It can not be denied that blogging has appeared as the new way of communication in this global modern era. Blogging has minimize the the fences of region. Anyone in anywhere possibly relate to each other by blogging. No mater they are in the high mountain or in the low valley, if they click to Internet then they can communicate, publish opinion and making comment or giving feedback to each other.
That lucrative market of blogging can be caught only if we publish our idea in a global language. Unfortunately the global language is not our mother language. We have to write hard to make it. Luckily the English blogger.
2. Getting Larger Opportunity to Monetize
Monetizing blog has attracted may bloggers including me. Who will reject to receive dollar? I don't think there is one. However mostly the ways to monetize blog require English contents to participate. Google Adsense is one of the example. Now days, It can be only applied with English content blog. Additionally most paid review programs need to English content blog to register
3. Challenging Self to Learn and Improve English Writing Skill
It is a matter of motivation. Many of us need certain challenges to do better. In this case writing post in English is correct choice. Beside many potential advantages we will get, we will also have the medium which can stimulate and motivate to learn more. Why we don't think to make blogging as the self medium to learn?
These are the potential advantage we will get when we make posts in English. I enjoy to read blogger Indonesia which has useful contents and written in English. It stimulates me much to make this English post. Then in any extant learning English and applying it in blogging is much better than not.
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