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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Susno Duadji Build Mosque in Pagaralam

Pagaralam, South Sumatra (AFP) - Former Police Headquarters Komjen Kabareskrim Pol Susno Duadji enough to build a grand mosque in the land of his birth in Tebad Mountain Village, Village Lubuk Buntak, District of South Dempo, Pagaralam Town, South Sumatra (South Sumatra).

Observation in Pagaralam, Sunday, the mosque was built on a land area about a quarter of a hectare of rice cultivation which is about one kilometer from the family home in Orchard Tebad Susno Mt.

The buildings are almost similar to the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta was standing quite magnificent pool surrounded by fish and rice field and equipped with five domes measuring approximately 20 x 20 meters and is expected to be able to accommodate hundreds of pilgrims.

"It was intended by Susno long enough to build a mosque at the birthplace in the village of Mount Tebad. In addition to the old building was too small and can no longer accommodate the number of pilgrims in more," said Maldi Duadji, the younger brother Susno Duadji.

He stated, according Susno better than building a house to build a mosque that not all people can enjoy it. But if the mosque would be charitable to death later.

"The mosque was built it was quite an antique with five dome-like Istiqlal Mosque and the location is also quite beautifully captured in the vicinity of rice is about 30 meters from the causeway," he said again.

According to him, the mosque will be able to accommodate many people, not just from the family environment, but also the entire local community.

The mosque building measuring approximately 20 x 20 meters with a height of 10 meters will be able to accommodate hundreds of pilgrims.

Maldi rate, actually it was not the only concern for her sister to agencies that have raised him alone (police, Red), but also including the Islamic world. This is evidenced by the more chose to build a mosque rather than stately homes.

"He already has a surplus since the small. Besides he is also intelligent and principled stanc
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