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Sunday, August 29, 2010

500 Gambar Modifikasi Scoopy ala Honda

500 Gambar Modifikasi Scoopy ala Honda
50 Gambar Modifikasi Scoopy ala Honda

The launch of the Honda Scoopy exploited by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to introduce potential modifications to the style of retro-modern skutik this. Parties AHM skutik displaying six modified versions of this, as the inspiration that can be translated into other Scoopy flow modifications. This is exploited PT AHM by offering a variety of accessories for Scoopy components.

Scoopy which cost Rp 13.5 million (OTR Jakarta) has many components akseoris bid to maximize the view. Among Meter Silver Ring for at the speedometer, Meter Visor on the steering stem, headlight and taillight garnishes garnishes.

One of the most design attention Scoopy Scoopy patterned batik is coupled berkelir white chocolate pearls. Radius of custom wheels and chrome clad front suspension. Sweetened with sissybar at the back which serves also as a place of goods. No need to fret the front fenders and lower body scratched, because it was protected by iron bars chrome.

One more unique is appearing Scoopy Scoopy beach patterned with red and white color. On the left had prepared a special holder to carry the sled.

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