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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rumah Tanpa Jendela (2010) - Movie Review Trailers

Rumah Tanpa Jendela (2010)

Film House without windows taken from the short story Asma Nadia works in a book of collected stories Mother Wants Naik Haji choice. The film director tells the story of Aditya Gumay Rara (Dwi Trish) 8-year-old little girl, eager to have a small window in her house walled plywood used in a slum where scavengers live in Menteng Pulo, Jakarta.

The Mbok (Ingrid Widjanarko), grandmother Rara - ailing and his father, Raga (Rafi Ahmad) who sell ornamental fish and builders shoe soles, do not have enough money to make or buy even just a piece of leaf windows and their frames alone. Rara also had Bude, Asih (Crossfade). Together with his fellow scavengers child, before ngamen or ngojek umbrella if it's raining, Rara school in a simple place for street children. Mrs. Alya (Varissa Camelia) is the only volunteer teacher there to guide and nurture these children scavengers.

Elsewhere, in the luxury residential city of Jakarta - is Aldo (Emir Mahira) 11-year-old boy is a bit backward, longing for a friend in the middle of a busy family with their business. He was the youngest child of a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Syahri (Aswin Fabanyo) and Mrs Ratna (Alicia Djohar). The presence of Nek Aisyah (Kanser Atie) - Mrs. Pak Syahri be a consolation for Aldo. Aisha is very fond of her grandmother. One day, Aldo acquainted with the current Rara middle mengojek umbrella and car terserempet Aldo. Since then they become familiar.

Rara slums where living becomes a place to stay while Aldo who ran away from home because of disappointment with the attitude of his brother who openly say feel ashamed to have brother like him.

"House Without Windows" is a social portrait of the tragic fate of street children who lack love and attention of parents so that children try to find the identity and her life against the hard life of the streets, besides that, this film also tells sincere friendship between the children of less lucky with those who have the ability financially.
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