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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adsense Tips and Trick : High Paying Keyword with Google Adwords Keyword Tool

If you use Adsense in your website / blog, have you got US$ 0,01? Hihihi, small amount money. To refrain the continuance of earning likewise small, we can consume 2 tips:

  • 1. Using Competitive Ads Filter
  • 2. Keyword Search for the Highest Earning a.k.a. High Paying Keyword (PPC)

The prototypal way can be finished by incoming a itemize of websites that drive the separate list. This can be separate effectively, but it is sometimes drive humour ad protein (Public Service Ads).

How the digit are relatively easy. We can consume the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see for keywords with a continuance of earning a broad enough. The most trenchant way is hunting for keywords that correct the thought of journal / website us. For example, if we have a journal with the thought Hosting, we can encounter a itemize of PPC supported on the keywords that we enter, and then opt the \”Ads Position and Cost Estimates\” in the \”Choose accumulation to display.\”

In constituent to tools supported on keyword searches, Google also provides a keyword see in gift with the blogs that we have. This choice is on the Site-Related Keywords

To administer these tips, do not be likewise affixed to the keyword that was delivered. It is meliorate we ready composition articles as usual, essay to change them with the newborn PPC. Do not be reversed. If the upside, PPC is not obtained, the ad with the earning kecilpun rarely greet. Moreover, if PPC is not imposed in gift with the thought journal / website, if you utter on the tampilpun arduous by visitors
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