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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adsense Tips : Tactics to Increase Your AdSense Earnings Overnight

What would you say if I told you that there are things that many bloggers could do on their blogs that could bring about large increases in their AdSense earnings in 24 hours or less?

One of the misconceptions about making money from blogging that is out there is that the best way to increase your blog’s earnings is to increase the traffic to your blog.

“Double your traffic and you’ll double your income” I heard one speaker say at a conference earlier in the year.

Well that speaker is right…. increased traffic generally does lead to increased advertising income…. but doubling your traffic can be a massive task one that could take months or even years to achieve.

Growing readership is something every entrepreneurial blogger needs to be working on as it does help with income levels but…

What if there’s a faster way to grow your AdSense earnings?

Over the next week I want to look at a few methods of increasing the revenue from AdSense on your blog that can have immediate impact upon earnings.

Before We Begin:

I should say before I go any further that these won’t work on every blog - if you’ve already optimized your blog well they’ll have less impact - but if you have a blog like I did a few years ago you could see some significant improvements. These tips will be more basic for some readers than others - so if you consider yourself to be at an advanced level you might want to just scan over the posts (although a refresher can’t hurt).

I also should say that these principles don’t just apply to Adsense. The same can be said about Chitika, ShoppingAds, WidgetBucks, Shopzilla and other ad networks.

Lastly - I want to say that I’m not usually one to use claims like ‘increase your earnings overnight’ - as we all know, blogging for money is a long term thing. However these lessons did have immediate impact upon my own earnings. I had already been blogging for some time - but together what I share increased my own earnings by over 100% very quickly.

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