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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lech Aleksander Kaczynski, born in Warsaw, June 18, 1949, at least do two "theft" is important in life. First, she "stole the moon" when playing in the movie Little Criminals Thieves moon 44 years ago. Second, he "stole" the election victory in the second round of the Polish president, Sunday (23/10/2005) then.

Kaczynski, known as a conservative figure is not too underdog in the presidential elections. In every poll held by the Polish mass media, Kaczynski always lose thin compared with his rival, Donald Tusk, who is known as a liberal figure. Comparison the average for Tusk 55:45. However, in the last days of the campaign he gradually diluting the benefits of Tusk. In the latest poll, one day before the vote, Kaczynski only lost half a percent of the vote from Tusk.

On the day of determination, such as runners who overtook his opponent in the corner, according to Reuters Kaczynski Tusk outperformed with a victory behind a thin approximately 53 percent vs. 46 percent. And, former child actor was also the fourth president of Poland won the seat. Incredible!

Political observers from the Institute of Scientific Poland, Mikolaj Czesnik, quoted by AFP, said the error caused Tusk Kaczynski victory last week in the campaign. Tusk mengampanyekan failing to establish a clear concept of Poland.

In his campaign, the pro-market Tusk encyclopedia urged privatization of state industries, applying a flat tax, and cutting social benefits demanded to improve the nation's economy.

Kaczynski Tusk confront with a very clever campaign, which uses the issues more grounded. Smoking is also pro-market Kaczynski said he still respects the concept of welfare state that protects the poor with social safety nets. In a landslide, he stressed that Party nominating Public Interest Program Tusk is the party of the rich.

In the political field, the issue of anti-Kaczynski play in Nazi Germany had invaded Poland and massacred many inhabitants of Poland during World War II.

Mixing makes campaign materials spills Kaczynski received votes from the poor, rural residents, people who have the trauma of Nazi atrocities, and insecure people who face economic competition in the European Union.

Conservative bona fide

Before joining the Law and Justice Party, along with his twin brother Lech Kaczynski, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, had joined the right-wing Solidarity movement. Tusk also joined in the same movement. Tusk and Kaczynski brothers come down communism in that country in 1989. However, the Kaczynski brothers and then have a different economic vision with Tusk. Kaczynski chose a conservative line, while Tusk chose the liberal line.

During his political career, Kaczynski is indeed known as a bona fide conservative figure. He always stressed the importance of values and morals of the Catholic and Polish nationalism. Therefore, when I became mayor of Warsaw, according to the AP, he had time to stop the gay parade earlier this year.

Kaczynski also act tough against crime, including corruption cases, when appointed Minister of Justice in 2000-2001. He is also known to enjoy using language that is even harder against his neighbors, Germany and Russia, which invaded Poland at the beginning of World War II. Thanks to that approach, he obtained the popularity and respect as a politician who is considered appropriate words with deeds.

For opponents, Kaczynski is considered as narrow-minded character and filled with envy. However, any presumption opponents, Kaczynski has been getting a sweet victory.

Kaczynski victory over Tusk makes conservatives swept to power in Poland. Because, at last month's parliamentary elections, Law and Justice Party led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski who is now also eligible to win and put Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz as prime minister.

Therefore, when Lech Kaczynski certainly win the election, he immediately said, "Mr. Chairman, the mission has been carried out." The words that, according to AFP, only to Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Law and Justice Party chairman, who also co-star in the movie Little Criminals Thieves moon. Now, they not only steal the "moon", but also power. (Budi Suwarna, Kompas, October 26, 2005)
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