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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Susno Duadji

Komjen Pol Drs. Susno Duadji, S.H, M.Sc. (Born in Pagar Alam, South Sumatra, July 1, 1954, age 55 years) is a former Head of the Criminal Investigation Police (INP Kabareskrim) who held the position since October 24, 2008 until 24 November 2009. Previously, he served as Deputy Head of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) and West Java police chief.

Susno Duadji graduated from the Police Academy and mengenyam PTIK various education, among others, the S-1 Law, S-2 management, and Sespati Police. He also had a course and training among senior investigator of Crime Course (1988), the Hostage Negotiation Course (anti-terror) at the University of Louisiana USA (2000), Comparative Study of the Criminal System in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2001), Comparative Study of Police System in Seoul, South Korea (2003), as well as Anti-Money Laundering Training Counterpart in Washington, DC, USA


Susno is the second child of eight children. His father named Duadji, a chauffeur and his mother, maid Siti, a small trader. He was the husband of Herawati and father of two daughters.

He graduated from the Police Academy in 1977, Susno who spent most his career as a traffic police officer, had also visited 90 countries to learn to uncover cases of corruption. His career began to skyrocket when he was believed to be Wakapolres Yogyakarta and successively thereafter police chief in North Maluku, Madiun and Malang. Susno began to be drawn to Jakarta, when assigned to be the chief law enforcement at Police Headquarters and representative institutions were established KPK in 2003. in 2004 he was stationed at the Center for Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis (INTRAC). About three years at INTRAC, Susno then sworn in as police chief Jabar and since October 24, 2008, he became Head of Criminal Investigation and Police Headquarters to replace Bambang Hendarso Danuri.

Susno Duadji states had retired from office on November 5, 2009, but on November 9, 2009 she is active again as Kabareskrim Police. [5] However, on 24 November 2009 Police formally announced the dismissal of the post.

Code designation (call sign) Susno as "Truno 3" or the number three most influential people in the Police after the police chief and deputy, became popular in the general population after the often mentioned, especially in the discussion of the case of criminal KPK. Nevertheless, the official code for Kabareskrim really is "Tribrata 5", while Truno 3 is the code for the Director III Corruption (Corruption).


1. Susno statement which reads "It was like here in situ crocodile lizard. Cicak kok against the crocodile" had caused great controversy in Indonesia. As a result of this statement the term "crocodile lizard fight" which is very popular. This term has also triggered a wave of protests from various parties and make a lot of parties who feel anti-corruption call themselves as Cicak and being against the "Crocodile" is described as the Police. ]
2. Code "Truno 3" mentioned in the intercepted conversations by the Commission in connection with the case of Century Bank.
3. Susno statement which reads "Do not Ever Setori Me" is also very famous when he served as police chief Jabar.
4. Susno revealed the presence of a tax officer who has an account is not fair. Tax officer in question is Gaius Tambunan and consequences of the discovery of this case, several police generals, the acting prosecutor, judicial and financial officials from the Ministry of losing jabatanya and checked for allegedly conspiring to harm the state.
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