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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fraction Hanura proposal banned Sri Mulyani

Jakarta-Hanura Party politician Akbar Faisal suggested that the Ministry of Finance (Finance Minister) Sri Mulyani banned.

It aims to Sri Mulyani can not everywhere. Ex-Chairman of the Financial System Stability Committee should be legally mempertangungjawabkan about Rp 6.7 trillion reimbursement to the rescue of Century Bank."But this must remain a matter of checking that he (Sri Mulyani) run, and if he can not anywhere to go, stay here if you need to create a mail-ban," Akbar said in the House of Representatives, Wednesday (5 / 5).

To support this proposal, citing the words of Akbar the President that all are equal before the law.

"World Bank-all, must respect the legal process in this country (Indonesia)," he added.

According to Akbar, whatever their position at the World Bank, still have no bearing on the legal position was politically much less convicted.

"Congratulations to Sri Mulyani, but before that with all due respect I ask him still be responsible for what became the House's decision," said she.

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